Organic Beef Bone Box

5 lbs / ships frozen

100% Grass-Fed & Finished. Certified Organic.

Tired of searching for healthy bones to make your next batch of homemade bone broth? 

Each box contains a mix of 2.5lb of organic beef marrow bones and 2.5lb of organic beef knuckles for that perfect combination of nutrients and collagen. This provides enough bones to make roughly 15 servings of broth.

If you want the cleanest, most wholesome bone broth, we suggest making it yourself. It’s super easy to prepare and some of the benefits of bone broth include: protects joints, improves gut health, it’s good for your skin, supports the immune system, detoxifies your body, supplies minerals & electrolytes for proper hydration and provides amino acids for rebuilding muscle tissue.

Contents: 5 lbs