Why Customers Choose Wild Parcel?

Wild Parcel is the #1 company for customers who want to purchase organic and grass-fed meats from a variety of animals and sources in one spot. We’ve found a solution for delivering everything from organic whey protein powder to elk liver, to bison bones; all packaged in the quantity and combination of your liking and delivered right to your doorstep. Whether you’re an avid bone broth lover and picky about the quality of the collagen released when you boil your bones or a health fanatic wanting to serve up a leaner and more exciting Sunday brunch with our bison sausage (or both!) – Wild Parcel is your answer. Because we source from only the wildest lands and purest waters, our foods provide the advantage of superior flavor, ideal nutrient composition, cleanliness and the peace of mind you can only get when eating this close to the earth. Our team is a group of individuals who will never compromise the well-being of our customers to make a buck. You can trust that if we stand by the food we put in our bodies, we wholeheartedly stand behind the food you put in yours.