Wild Parcel was founded on the belief that compromises should not be made when it comes to how we nourish our bodies. For those who desire access to wildly wholesome foods, we are committed to searching to the ends of the earth for the highest quality proteins, taste-testing each and every meat we stand behind and making clean eating a simple and fun experience.

When You Eat Wild, You Chose to Live Closer to The Earth.

We place a high value on choices that relate to how we manage our food intake and nourish our bodies. We also recognize that these choices take time and aren’t easy in today’s over-engineered world. From the dirt to the animals, to the farmers who love and care for those animals, eating wild is much bigger than ourselves. We aim to support our customers, friends and families in consuming meats that they can be proud of and that are uncompromisingly clean, wild, pure and just as nature intended.


Our founder, Mark Reardon, created Wild Parcel out of frustration of how easy it was to make nutritional compromises when not being able to find the quality proteins he was looking for. When he shared his experience with others, he learned they too were experiencing the same challenges and built this company out of a willingness and eagerness to solve that problem.

"I just don’t get excited about cooking a big piece of commodity-style, conventional meat, but I find an almost spiritual connection to preparing a smaller piece of nutrient-dense meat that I know is nourishing my body. It makes every aspect of cooking and eating more exciting; from the way I prepare the meat to the ingredients I choose to eat alongside it. It transforms the whole experience….It’s fun and it feels really good to see other people smile and enjoy it, knowing they’re experiencing that same connection as well. I also feel that it’s our obligation to instill a healthy lifestyle in our children from an early age.”

– Mark

Our team is dedicated to supporting that mission and working hard to grow Wild Parcel in order to share the life-changing experience that nourishing proteins provide. We touch, hold, smell and test our meats to ensure they are the finest cuts and will be incredibly pleasing to all who choose to source from us…Okay, we won’t pretend like this is a hard job or that we don’t enjoy the aroma of meat roasting over an open flame…